When you’re in the hiring process, there’s no doubt it’s a stressful time. Everyone appears qualified and sane, but who’s to say how they’ll work out six months down the road. A resume is meant to make an applicant look like the cat’s meow, but how can a hiring team know what’s really the truth? Who knows what their former employers are not saying or what kind of mess the employee is running from? How can a management team be sure? And when there are so many resumes and applications from which to sort, even the most experienced HR team can be inundated.


A growing trend in large and mid-sized businesses these days is that of utilizing pre-employment screening to help ease the stress and quite frankly, burden of the entire hiring process. Through private investigation firms, companies are able to gain a complete collection of top applicants who have been completely checked out and high quality information discovered. While lots of firms do check for criminal activity and court records, quality firms will also provide an all-inclusive background report that may contain other important detils such citizenship and work status, verified past employers, education, and any disciplinary action taken on the job or in schools. Furthermore, it can study lifestyle patterns that suggest the applicant is unstable or unreliable.



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These days, amazing events are recorded on social media. However, most employers don’t have the time to thoroughly vet an applicant’s social media presence. By checking Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter and more, companies are able to ascertain any number of facts that could make or break a candidate’s consideration with a company. It could also show links to competitors, confirm references and show a person’s state of mind.

Every business is different, with it’s own set of needs and desires, and as such, a quality PI firm will work side-by-side with the HR department or hiring manager to formulate a custom profile on each potential applicant to help you make the best decision for your team’s success. The easy-to-understand reports will be comprehensive and have complete documentation. Furthermore, you can have peace of mind knowing that the investigations themselves were done by discreet experts in the field who always maintain high standards of excellence.


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